Our goal is to provide a great learning experience, with a lifetime of wonderful memories, and friendships.  Our teaching staff will provide you with the skills and confidence to enjoy the other 71% of the planet....the oceans.  Come with us and become part of the "1 percenters" that enjoy the largest part of our fascinating planet.   


We are located in Brownfield, TX but service the entire West Texas region. We are currently offering personalized shopping hours by appointment only or we are always willing and able to bring our custom shopping experience to you.  Regardless, we hope that you will visit our retail location in Brownfield, follow us on Facebook or just give us a call.  We promise to provide you with quality products, personal, friendly service and always treat you with respect.  


Sara Moore, Cindy Jones, Capt. Steve, Janean Sproul and Michael Sproul

Tank'd Scuba Lubbock, Texas Instructor Janean Sproul

Janean Sproul - Owner/Instructor 

My first scuba dive was in 1988. At that time in Mexico, they allowed anyone desiring to scuba  dive the ability to do so without being certified. At age 18, I saw diving without having to be certified as a great adventure. After becoming certified years later, I realized how dangerous that could have been. More...

Michael Sproul - Owner/Instructor 

Michael Sproul began is dive journey in Cancun, Mexico in 1992. Michael recalls “The moment I dropped underwater, I was hooked for life.  The absolute peace that surrounds you as you float down into another world is truly unforgettable”.  More...

Sara Moore - Instructor 

Sara Moore also a Certified Instructor who began scuba diving in 1993.  Sara is a highly skilled Instructor whose passion lies in underwater photography.  More...

Cindy Jones - Instructor 

Cindy Jones began her “life of scuba diving in 1993 and has logged over 2000 dives.  She is a Certified Instructor whose expertise and experience is unmatched in West Texas.  More...