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Tank'd Scuba is a Scuba School International (SSI) affiliated dive center. We are located in Brownfield Texas and proudly serve Lubbock and the entire West Texas Region. We are a personalized boutique dive center.  Every customer is of the upmost importance and will receive personalized attention. We have a staff of 4 Instructors and strive to keep our classes small so that we can give you more one on one attention. Together we have over 75 years combined experience in diving, learning and teaching others about the sport we love.  We strive to make you a safer, more intelligent diver, not just teach you material. More...

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Sara Moore, Cindy Jones, Capt. Steve, Ja'nean Sproul and Michael Sproul

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Our mission is to share our passion and enthusiasm for scuba diving by training and mentoring our divers. While we are a brand new dive shop, we have very experienced instructors who understand what it takes to keep our customers as safe as possible. Our instructors are passionate about scuba diving and preserving the abundant resources that make diving unique.  By providing a safe, professional & fun environment we intend to raise the level of diver education and awareness. Our goal is to open the eyes of new divers to an amazing new world. We hope to inspire and develop new divers while encouraging certified divers to remain active. When you choose Tank'd Scuba you are choosing a shop which understands the value of training in small groups. Our instructors teach a maximum of 4 students at a time, which results in a higher level of training. In small groups you are sure to have a better experience underwater as well as on the surface. Additionally, we are deeply committed in raising awareness of the threats facing our oceans today. It is a very sensitive environment which warrants our understanding, respect and participation in protecting it as we scuba dive. Our amazing instructors will teach you how to dive comfortably and safely. Our students and friends travel around the world with us to see the wonders the ocean has to share. After training with us, we want you to say, “WOW! I’m glad I got Tank’d!”

Focal Points:

• We are passionate about teaching scuba at a level that is fun, informative and safe.  

• Our goal is to develop divers that love the sport of diving as much as we do.

• We want to expose people to the amazing underwater world. 

• We want to teach divers to have a respect for the environment and care for it. 

• Come share our passion for scuba diving

• Small Class sizes, attentive instructors and the friendliest staff in Texas!

• Safety is our priority